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Do's & Don'ts

The Do's

What To Do During the Mortgage Process

  • Keep original documents to access your bank statements, pay stubs, or other financial documents.

  • Provide your Earnest Money Deposit or acceptable gift funds from your personal bank account. Talk with Kerry, Aiden, or Rochelle for additional clarification. It is essential to have this payment verified with qualified funds.

  • If selling or having sold a property recently, provide all the documentation, including the sales contract, closing statements, and employer relocation documents if applicable.

  • Notify Kerry, Aiden, or Rochelle if you receive gift funds for closing. Different loan and property types have other criteria for using gift funds.

The Don'ts

What Not To Do During the Mortgage Process

  • Close or open new credit accounts that will impact your credit report or scores.

  • Transfer funds between bank accounts without talking with Kerry, Aiden, or Rochelle, as documentation is required to track funds and assets.

  • Deposit any funds other than your regular income, in particular cash. The use of cash in securing a loan will not be approved, as the lender must be able to validate that the cash has been seasoned for a minimum of two months. (Call Kerry with any questions)

  • Change jobs without discussing with Kerry, Aiden, or Rochelle first, which may impact the loan approval.

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